Assam Relief Fund

Dear brothers and sisters

Please circulate the following as much as possible

ON AUGUST 1, 2012

Assam Communal Violence:

This meeting expresses grave concern on the tragic incidents of the communal riots that took place in various parts of Assam resulting in very heavy loss of lives, destruction of properties belonging to Muslim Community and also displacement of lakhs of persons from their homes.

This meeting resolves to request the Government of India and the State Government of Assam to continue the relief measures undertaken, effectively for rehabilitation of the Muslim Community who have been driven away from their homes and also to provide basic facilities like food, drinking water, shelter etc. which have been deprived to them due to nefarious designs and acts of violence by the anti social elements.

This meeting resolves that the Government of India should provide adequate compensation to those who have lost their properties and belongings. State Government should also give adequate compensation to the injured and to the next of kin of those who have been killed in the riots.

This meeting appreciates the gesture on the part of the Hon’ble Prime Minister for his visit to the affected area, however urges him to take immediate action to provide protection and sense of security to the affected people.

IUML has been demanding this from time to time since the riots took place in 2008. Unfortunately this has not been provided so far. At least, at this juncture, this meeting urges the Government of India as well as the State Government of Assam to take affective measures to provide a sense of security to the lives and properties of the minority community living in the state.

Assam Relief Fund:

This meeting resolves to set up an IUML Assam Riot Relief Committee consisting of the following members:
1. Prof. K.M. Kader Mohideen Ex MP National Gen., Secretary – Convenor
2. Iqbal Ahmed, National Vice President – Member
3. E.T. Mohammed Basheer MP – Member
4. K.P.A. Majeed, Kerala State General Secretary, – Member
5. P.V. Abdul Wahab Ex MP – Member
6. Dastgheer Ibrahim Agha, National Treasurer – Member
7. Khorrum Anis Omer, National Secretary – Member
8. KAM Abubaker, TN State Gen, Secretary – Member

And also appeals to all generously contribute to the IUML Assam Relief Fund for organizing relief measures in the affected areas.

Please note the Bank account details: (we are unable to receive overseas funds/donations)

IUML Relief Fund
Current Account No. 32476975149
State Bank of India
Thousand lights Branch – Branch code : 3207

May Allah bless us all

Thanking you

Khorrum Anis Omer
National Secretary – IUML


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